Hatari screenshots

ST-low resolution screenshots:

The little green desktop
Desktop in low resolution with Hatari main menu.
Snapshot of Nebulus
"Nebulus" - a great jump-and-run game.
Snapshot of Posh
The full screen distorting roto-zoomer of the "Posh" demo by Checkpoint. You have to see this in motion!
Snapshot of the USA Demo
The "USA-Demo" by Kris'n'Alex – shows that Hatari supports raster/border effects in demos.
Snapshot of the Cuddly Demo
The colorshock screen from the "Cuddly Demos" by The Carebears - all 512 possible colors at the same time.
Snapshot of Wings of Death
The 512 color title screen of "Wings of Death".
Snapshot of Dark Side of the Spoon
Dark Side of the Spoon main menu.
Snapshot of Enchanted Land
Enchanted Land.

Screenshots made by Matthias Arndt:

Cuddly demos booting
The "Cuddly Demos" booting screen.
Snapshot of Life is a...
Yet another demo...
Snapshot of POV112
The menu screen of the "Persistance of Vision" disk 112.
Snapshot of the Sowatt demo
The "Sowatt" demo by the Carebears

Screenshots made by Eero Tamminen:

20 years demo (1)
20 years megademo - NoExtra screen.
20 years demo (2)
20 years megademo - main menu screen
20 years demo (3)
20 years megademo - Paradox screen
20 years demo (4)
20 years megademo - MJJ Prod. screen
The Sowatt menu screen - uses sync-scrolling and rasters.

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