[hatari-users] [hatari-devel] The Hatari project is moving to tuxfamily.org

Nicolas Pomarède npomarede at corp.free.fr
Thu Dec 1 17:55:56 CET 2011

Le 01/12/2011 17:46, Thomas Huth a écrit :
> Of course we will also need a new mailing list since this list here at
> BerliOS might not survive in 2012. Please visit the following page for
> information about how to join the new mailing lists:
>   http://hatari.tuxfamily.org/contact.html


thanks for having worked on this.

Regarding the mailing list, as it's rather fast to switch to a new one 
(compared to setting a new homepage and source repository), maybe we can 
wait a little more before considering the lists on berlios should not be 
used anymore ?

There're some ongoing discussions on berlios ML with pending issues, so 
the longer we can keep them there, the better it will be IMHO.


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