[hatari-users] The Hatari project is moving to tuxfamily.org

Thomas Huth th.huth at gmx.de
Thu Dec 1 17:46:58 CET 2011

 Dear Hatari community,

as you all know, there has been an announcement end of September that
BerliOS is going to be shut down at the end of December 2011. While we
were evaluating alternatives, there was another announcement one month
later that BerliOS might continue, led by a non-profit association that
should be founded in November. So we decided to wait and see whether the
Hatari project could continue at BerliOS or not.

Well, November is now over, and there hasn't been another announcement
yet that the association has successfully been founded. Considering
that we might now have only one month left to move the project to
another host, and that we might need some weeks for a smooth
transition, we decided to move the Hatari project now.

Starting with today, Hatari will now be hosted on tuxfamily.org. Our
new homepage is http://hatari.tuxfamily.org/ - so please update your
Information about downloading Hatari releases and about how to clone
the new Mercurial repository can be found here:


Of course we will also need a new mailing list since this list here at
BerliOS might not survive in 2012. Please visit the following page for
information about how to join the new mailing lists:


Note that we most likely won't have a new bug tracking service at
tuxfamily.org, since this host does not provide this service by
default. The prefered way to report bugs is now to write a mail to one
of the new mailing lists. Considering that most of the bugs have already
been reported via mail (or atari-forum.com) in the past, this
restriction should not hurt too much.

Please have a look at the new website, test the new mercurial
repository, join the new mailing list(s) and if you hit a problem, get
in touch on this mailing list here or on the new ones if possible.


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