[hatari-users] Video padding

Eero Tamminen oak at helsinkinet.fi
Thu Nov 10 22:13:36 CET 2011


On lauantai 15 lokakuu 2011, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> > --fixed-rez 800x600 parameter sounds awesome, especially for windowed
> > mode

I added an option to force the resolution to be fixed to
the given max resolution.  You can use it like this:
	--max-width 800 --max-height 600 --force-max yes

> It will probably affect both fullscreen & video mode.  I.e.
> which ever of the --fixed-rez or --desktop option is given
> later, wins.

It affects both, unless --desktop option is enabled (like it's
by default), then desktop resolution will be used for fullscreen.

> I'll take a look at that later (hopefully before year end, for
> now I'm busy with AHCC & EmuTOS).  If you don't hear anything
> from be by early next month, please remind. :-)

If it works fine for you and others don't have any objections
for the option & config names, I'll add docs for it.

Althought it's kind of nice also for other things than video
recording, I'm not planning on adding support for that to
the SDL UI.  (maybe to the Python/Gtk UI)

	- Eero

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