[hatari-users] Video padding

Nicolas Pomarède npomarede at corp.free.fr
Sun Oct 9 13:35:04 CEST 2011

Le 08/10/2011 14:35, Anders Eriksson a écrit :
> Hi,
> while trying to make some Falcon video recordings from Hatari, I've come
> across a problem. When the Falcon changes video mode, the Hatari window
> resizes, and so does the frame size of the recorded video. This makes it
> pretty hopeless to work with the recorded file afterwards.
> Would it be possible to add a "padding" area of selected size? Eg,
> select that the video size should be 800x600, and the resulting screen
> render is centered to this buffer. It would make the recording useful
> also in Falcon mode.
> Also I think this would be pretty good for non-recording sessions, as
> seeing the Hatari window change in size when running a game or demo is
> pretty ugly :)


I see what you mean and I agree it can produces bad results when 
recording video.
At the AVI level, it's not possible to have different x/y resolution in 
the same file, so the solution would be to have a larger screen where 
the atari's screen is centered.

It looks similar to the fullscreen mode when video/freq is not changed 
and we keep the same desktop resolution. Perhaps Eero could add this 
functionnality by extending the '--desktop' option ?


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