[hatari-users] Video padding

Anders Eriksson ae at dhs.nu
Sat Oct 8 14:35:01 CEST 2011


while trying to make some Falcon video recordings from Hatari, I've come 
across a problem. When the Falcon changes video mode, the Hatari window 
resizes, and so does the frame size of the recorded video. This makes it 
pretty hopeless to work with the recorded file afterwards.

Would it be possible to add a "padding" area of selected size? Eg, select 
that the video size should be 800x600, and the resulting screen render is 
centered to this buffer. It would make the recording useful also in Falcon 

Also I think this would be pretty good for non-recording sessions, as 
seeing the Hatari window change in size when running a game or demo is 
pretty ugly :)

Anders Eriksson
ae at dhs.nu     http://www.dhs.nu/
ae at atari.org  http://www.atari.org/

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