[hatari-users] Hatari mouse

Eero Tamminen oak at helsinkinet.fi
Wed Sep 8 20:52:22 CEST 2010


(I CC'ed hatari-users list in case there are Windows users who've
bumbed into this and could help.)

On Wednesday 08 September 2010, Dima Sobolev wrote:
> Now again appeared Atari mouse restriction.
> Please look at attached picture

Thanks.  Interesting that you're using Finnish version of EmuTOS. :-)

> - I cannot move mouse upper than it 
> is, so for example menu items are unaccessible.

This means that Atari and host mouse co-ordinates are slightly out of sync
with each other.  You can either:
- Move the mouse to *opposite* corner of the Hatari window as
  this will cause the co-ordinates to get better in sync,
- Enable mouse grabbing with AltGr+M shortcut, or
- Switch to fullscreen with F11

(Mouse is grabbed while in fullscreen.)

I'm not sure what could cause mouse to get out of sync in your case.
In Falcon emulation resolution switching could do that, but you were using
ST emulation.

Maybe your SDL isn't fully compatible with your Windows "Mouse movement
acceleration"?  Does something similar happen in other programs
(e.g. games[1]) that use:
- SDL library
- Run in window
- Show, but by default don't grab mouse

	- Eero

[1] I was going to suggest openttd (see openttd.org), but then noticed that
it doesn't use SDL on Windows...

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