[hatari-users] keyboard mapping

Eero Tamminen eerot at users.berlios.de
Sun Jul 11 12:08:56 CEST 2010


On Tuesday 06 July 2010, Andreas wrote:
> What I am missing: the key for the Backslash ('\') on my german
> keyboard.
> I found some documentation here:
> 	<http://hg.berlios.de/repos/hatari/raw-file/tip/doc/manual.html>
> But I do not have the mentioned SDL_keysym.h on my system

Here's one for SDL v1.3:

But it seems that the numerical values have moved in v1.3 to SDL_scancode.h:

They're included with the SDL development files.

(I'll update the manual on this + add the links.)

> and the 
> explanation of using shortcuts to control the emulator itself (like
> ALTGR+x to toggle normal speed/fast forward) and "normal" key mapping
> (like Scroll Lock will emulate the ST's UNDO key) is somehow mixed up.

Sorry, I didn't understand this, could you explain more?

> in my .hatari/hatari.cfg I found in the [Keyboard] section:
> nKeymapType = 0
> szMappingFileName =
> But no explanation how such a MappingFile might look like

Here's the example coming with the Hatari sources:

Attached is another one.  Lines starting with '#' are comments.

I think SDL sources include simple test programs that give pressed SDL key
values (on host) and I could dig up a program that gives Atari keycodes
(inside the emulation or on real Atari).  Using something like those can

> and no info what a KeymapType is.

That's easiest to change from the UI.

> I also noticed, that I can switch between "Symbolic" "Scancode" and
> "From file" mapping in the emulators GUI.
> But switching beween Symbolic and Scancode seems to have no effect

It's explained in the manual keyboard dialog section:

	- Eero
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# Key remapping file for Hatari
# format is "%d,%d" where:
# - first number is SDL keycode (see /usr/include/SDL/SDL_keysym.h)
# - second number is ST keycode (0-255, see Hatari src/keymap.c)
# Mappings below are needed for different games on Nokia 770 device
# map Escape to 1 (to select single player)
# map Escape to F1 (to select single player)
# map Return to Space (needed on games which use cursor keys and space)

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