[hatari-users] keyboard mapping

Andreas pirat at ckies.de
Tue Jul 6 08:05:50 CEST 2010

Hello Everybody,

thanks for providing hatari. It is great fun to do things the way I did
15 years ago. I recently spend a hole night with playing Rainer Duda's

What I am missing: the key for the Backslash ('\') on my german

I found some documentation here:


But I do not have the mentioned SDL_keysym.h on my system and the
explanation of using shortcuts to control the emulator itself (like
ALTGR+x to toggle normal speed/fast forward) and "normal" key mapping
(like Scroll Lock will emulate the ST's UNDO key) is somehow mixed up.

in my .hatari/hatari.cfg I found in the [Keyboard] section:

nKeymapType = 0
szMappingFileName =

But no explanation how such a MappingFile might look like and no info
what a KeymapType is.

I also noticed, that I can switch between "Symbolic" "Scancode" and
"From file" mapping in the emulators GUI.
But switching beween Symbolic and Scancode seems to have no effect and
the format of a mapping file is still not explaint.


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