[hatari-users] BadMood 3.07a, PMdoom0.81

Eero Tamminen eerot at users.berlios.de
Tue Aug 11 21:43:27 CEST 2009


On Tuesday 11 August 2009, LAURENT SALLAFRANQUE wrote:
> I've noticed a big speed improvement with badmood (3.07a) with the
> latest DSP / 68030 accuracy and DSP cycles count.
> Do you feel this speed improvement too ?


> For me, the comment in the compatibility list is no more good.
> I'm waiting for your return here.


> Also for BadMood, is the latest version (3.07a) runs the heretic level
> on a real Falcon or does it displays garbage as we have on the hatari
> version ?
> (doom.wad file works correctly, but heretic.wad file doesn't work with
> the latest badMood version).
> For PMDoom (the doom written by Patrice Mandin), I've never managed to
> let it run on hatari. Did someone here managed to let it work ?

The latest one from here:

Is very slow but it works fine (with doom1 shareware wad).  It doesn't need
DSP, so it's usable (speedwise) for me when run with fast-forward.  Did you
try with 14Mb of RAM?

Same with Patrice's Heretic v0.24 from year 2000.  I guess latest one would

	- Eero

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