[hatari-users] BadMood 3.07a, PMdoom0.81

Tue Aug 11 13:26:01 CEST 2009


I've noticed a big speed improvement with badmood (3.07a) with the 
latest DSP / 68030 accuracy and DSP cycles count.
Do you feel this speed improvement too ?
For me, the comment in the compatibility list is no more good.
I'm waiting for your return here.

Also for BadMood, is the latest version (3.07a) runs the heretic level 
on a real Falcon or does it displays garbage as we have on the hatari 
version ?
(doom.wad file works correctly, but heretic.wad file doesn't work with 
the latest badMood version).

For PMDoom (the doom written by Patrice Mandin), I've never managed to 
let it run on hatari.
Did someone here managed to let it work ?



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