[hatari-users] update screenshots gallery

Eero Tamminen eerot at users.berlios.de
Thu Jul 2 00:03:07 CEST 2009


(I'm back on list)

On Sunday 21 June 2009, Thomas H. wrote:
> > For example :
> >   - Mind Rewind shows some shifted line in the bottom text scroller
> Ok, right, that screenshot should really be replaced.
> >   - not all images have the same size, we should at least have same
> > size for images from STF/STE
> As long as you put the screenshots into a <div> container which all have
> the same size, it should not matter very much if one image is some pixels
> bigger or smaller...?
> >   - remove window decorations from the screenshot : the images are not
> >     consistant.
> I somehow like the window decorations... it somehow "proves" that the
> screenshot really comes from Hatari, and you can see which version it
> comes from. But that's just my personal taste. Well, you're definitely
> right with the fact that it looks somewhat inconsistant...

I like the window decorations too, but getting them is too much trouble
as Hatari screenshot functionality works now so nicely. :-)

> > What about those settings for STF/STE screenshots ?
> >   - use borders
> >   - don't use "zoom st low res"

If the program doesn't have anything on borders, I think the black borders
around the screenshot look bad.

> Ok, agreed, the low-res zooming should maybe be removed from the current
> STE screenshots.

Laurent's Falcon screenshots seem to be zoomed too.

> >   - don't use "show statusbar"

I kind of like that too, it "proves" that the screenshot is from Hatari
similarly to window title/borders.  I just wonder whether I should somehow
try to fit Hatari version into the statusbar. :-)

> >   - take a screenshot with algr + g
> >
> > This way, we should get a common format for all images and a better
> > layout on the html.
> When you take screenshots with AltGr + g, you should at least
> post-process the images to use indexed colors

For some reason imagemagick (with something like "-colors 255") doesn't make
the image file smaller.  Gimp works fine though as long as one sets
dithering to "none" when changing image to indexed mode.

> and interlacing, so that the file size is reduced and the load better on
> slow internet connections.

Interlacing increases the image size slightly and the images are pretty
small anyway, so I don't think this is necessary.

(Falcon TC pictures could be jpegs which already should make them smaller.)

	- Eero

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