[hatari-devel] FYI: new --desktop option

Eero Tamminen eerot at users.berlios.de
Mon Mar 28 00:09:34 CEST 2011


On lauantai 26 maaliskuu 2011, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
>>> In STF/STE, I think it would be better to have
>>>    - displayed pixels in left/right/top/bottom border
>>>    - double X or double Y for low res
>>>    - double Y for med res
>> There are currently no options for these in Hatari.
>> Borders calculation is internal to Screen_SetResolution() function, low
>> resolution supports only doubling in both resolutions and med-rez
>> always doubles Y.
>> I.e. only separate size setting in ST/STE/screen.c is whether to double
>> low-res.
> Yes, but that's why I'm planning to add support for Y too.

Why, on real Atari the resolution is always fullscreen, isn't it?

>>> (this is similar to what Steem does and I find it easier to understand
>>> that current "max zoomed win" that includes both the zoom factor and
>>> the border size.
>> Why user would want to specify each border width separately?
>> If all borders fit into his monitor, why he would want to see less of
>> them?
>> AFAIK the only reason to have the border size options was being able to
>> avoid Hatari trying to force a too large resolution and Hatari aborting
>> because that fails.  Because if user had happened to save those
>> settings, Hatari died every time it was started and it was forever
>> unusable unless user knew to remove ~/.hatari/hatari.sav file...
>> Hatari getting the maximum resolution from Desktop size or user
>> specifying the max desired resolution directly is much superior way to
>> do that than user needing to hit the correct resolution size by
>> calculating each border value separately while keeping in mind their
>> maximum values, that they can be doubled etc.
> The user might want it or not, so he can change the value as he likes,
> but from the point of view of :
>   - maximum emulation accuracy
>   - developping demos under Hatari as close as possible as a real ST

Why showing full borders on screen would prevent that, wouldn't on real
machine/monitor one anyway see some extra pixels?

>   - recording videos that match the result of a real ST

What if user instead could specify for the video recording either how wide
the borders are or how many pixels will be cut from borders....?

	- Eero

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