[hatari-devel] FYI: new --desktop option

Eero Tamminen eerot at users.berlios.de
Fri Mar 25 22:59:38 CET 2011


On perjantai 25 maaliskuu 2011, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> In STF/STE, I want to add support soon for non-multiple of 16 pixels in
> borders ; this would allow to better mimic the behaviour seen in
> overscan line during the hi/lo res switches (this will require some
> changes in convert/*c functions)
> In order to get the same results as a real ST (if the user wants to), I
> think we should have separate settings for left/right border and
> top/bottom border (on a real ST, the displayed area is not necessarily
> centered, so these values could be different).

How much they can differ from center, 16 pixels?  128 pixels?

> Code is not ready on my side yet, but I will add such support soon in
> video.c / screen.c to really fine tune the first/last 16 pixels of each
> overscan line, so If you're ready to refactor the panel, maybe it could
> be good to include those concepts now.

IMHO it's best to do this just by blanking the extra pixels.  While windows
can have arbitrary widths, fullscreen resolutions cannot, they're always

> In fact, I wonder if we could have 2 sections : STF/STE and Falcon/TT
> In STF/STE, I think it would be better to have
>   - displayed pixels in left/right/top/bottom border
>   - double X or double Y for low res
>   - double Y for med res

There are currently no options for these in Hatari.

Borders calculation is internal to Screen_SetResolution() function, low
resolution supports only doubling in both resolutions and med-rez always
doubles Y.

I.e. only separate size setting in ST/STE/screen.c is whether to double

(By selecting TV as monitor, as a special effect & slight speedup, every
other line would be drawn as blank.)

> (this is similar to what Steem does and I find it easier to understand
> that current "max zoomed win" that includes both the zoom factor and the
> border size.

Why user would want to specify each border width separately?
If all borders fit into his monitor, why he would want to see less of them?

AFAIK the only reason to have the border size options was being able to
avoid Hatari trying to force a too large resolution and Hatari aborting
because that fails.  Because if user had happened to save those settings,
Hatari died every time it was started and it was forever unusable unless
user knew to remove ~/.hatari/hatari.sav file...

Hatari getting the maximum resolution from Desktop size or user specifying
the max desired resolution directly is much superior way to do that than 
user needing to hit the correct resolution size by calculating each border
value separately while keeping in mind their maximum values, that they can
be doubled etc.

	- Eero

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