[hatari-devel] So, do you have a planned release date for 1.5.0?

Eero Tamminen oak at helsinkinet.fi
Tue Mar 15 22:32:39 CET 2011


On maanantai 14 maaliskuu 2011, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
> >  I'd say a new release is going to be quite a long way still off[1], at
> >  least half a year.  This mainly depends on how much Laurent has time
> >  as he's driving the WinAUE core fixing&  integration.
> I think Nicolas could also give the ST part a try.
> I had a very little time these days. (Too much work and real life things
> to do).

Considering this...

> I wish I'll have more time to work on this these next weeks.
> If we want a new release, we'll have to deliver 2 exes, as compatibility
> with Falcon is better with the new core.

If we would do a release now, I don't see why there would need to be two
binaries.   As long as there aren't regressions for the old AUE, we can ship
just that and then switch to new Core in next release after that (in 2012?).
This way there would be enough time to make sure it works well enough.

We've had Hatari releases within 2-10 month intervals and it's already
9 months since last release.

IMHO there are enough features, usability enhancements and bug fixes
for a new release with:
- Spec512 med-res mode
- The "hack" to run Atari binaries directly with Hatari
- Fixes to DMA sound issues on low frequencies & sound latency issue
- Memory state & restore fixes
- AVI recording usability improvements
- Your SDL file selector improvement
- Improvements & fixes to resolution change handling
- New dissassembler
- Profiling support
- DSP/Videl/Crossbar/AES/VDI tracing support
- Possibility to set breakpoints for OS functions
- TOS text output to console with --bios-intercept

I would propose that we have new release within a month.

Nicolas, what do you think?

> In my shortlist, I have :
> - finish to integrate DSP debugging (disasm + memory + registers)

This would be nice to have before release and I would need to fix
the profiler cycle counting.

There's a know issue with colors on fullscreen switch on OSX, but that
was already in v1.4, so it's not a regression.

Only regression I know about is the VDI clipping one reported by
Uwe, but as there's no SW with which I could test it, I guess that
needs to be left unfixed.  At least it's balanced by the new Hatari
facilities to debug such issues. :-)

-  would need to mention how to configure/build new core from sources
  for those that want to experiment with it, and
- compatibility list should list which features require WinAUE core
  (DSP MP2 player / anything marked for v1.5 :-)).

> - try to add MMU traces
> In my next list :
> - continue to improve new CPU compatibility
> - videl emulation

IMHO these could go to next release after v1.5.

	- Eero

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