[hatari-devel] Hatari options?

Eero Tamminen eerot at users.berlios.de
Wed Mar 2 21:26:47 CET 2011


I commited the --desktop option and splitting of the display options
under different headings.

On keskiviikko 02 maaliskuu 2011, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> Le 01/03/2011 22:51, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
> >> I agree with adding most options you put, except :
> >> 	--cpu-exact
> >> 	--addr24  (typo : you put 42-bit mode in the man)
> > 
> > The names of the options are from Laurent's earlier WinUAE changes,
> > in the patch I just moved then under their own heading in options
> > output + fixed their descriptions to conform better with other options
> > descriptions.
> > 
> > These options have been in Hatari code since last November when Laurent
> > added WinAUE code.  :-)
> Yes, I agree that WinUae's code has variables for these behaviours, but
> I think it's too soon to decide how to name them on the command line.

Moving them under their own heading + having pre-liminary documentation
in manual page shouldn't hurt as long as both will eventually be fixed...

(I think it's official only when it goes to manual.html as updating that is
more annoying due to the required ugly HTML tables. :))

>>> With WinUAE, there're many more modes than just cpu-exact : better
>>> prefetch, better exceptions, better cycle for micro code, so adding a
>>> bool option will not be enough.
>>> Also we already have a "--compatible" option ; I think it would not be
>>> clear for the user what is the effect of "exact" compared to
>>> "compatible" (in theory, if the cpu emulation is "compatible" with
>>> real cpu, then it should be "exact").
>> I was thinking that "--cycle-exact" would have been better option
>> name, at least based on its description. :-)

What if I would pre-liminarily change --cpu-exact to --cycle-exact?

And what if I would also shorten the --sound-buffer-size option to
--sound-buffer?  Currently it and its description doesn't fit to 80 columns.

(Unfortunately --sound-buffer-size was already in v1.4.0 release so it would
be an API change.  I don't think it widely used though, anybody needing it
should have set it to config file & forgotten about it. :-))

> > I've understood that the  (by default enabled) "--compatible" option is
> > supposed also to make the old UAE core also (more) cycle exact.
> > What that option actually does with the WinAUE core?
> AFAIR, it does better prefetch accuracy and better cycle counting.

I'll add that to the description in the manual page.

> But
> WinUAE has another more advanced mode (cycle exact) where each 68000
> instruction is split in 2 or 4 cycles "sub instruction" to update all
> hardware components every 2 or 4 cycles (whereas today we update
> hardware only at the end of the whole 68000 instruction).
> I need to dig into the code some day to refresh my memory and make a
> list of all possible modes with their uae's equivalents.

Ok, I'll be waiting for that then. :-)

	- Eero

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