[hatari-devel] Hatari options?

Eero Tamminen oak at helsinkinet.fi
Tue Mar 1 20:56:27 CET 2011


After the Falcon/TT specific --desktop option patch, I started to think
that if we're going to have different CPU options for different Atari
models, it might make sense to separate their Hatari options too.

Like this:
Common display options:
  --mono or -m       Start in monochrome mode instead of color
  --monitor <x>      Select monitor type (x = mono/rgb/vga/tv)
  --fullscreen or -f Start emulator in fullscreen mode
  --window or -w     Start emulator in window mode
  --grab             Grab mouse (also) in window mode
  --frameskips <x>   Skip <x> frames after each shown frame
  --statusbar <bool> Show statusbar (floppy leds etc)
  --drive-led <bool> Show overlay drive led when statusbar isn't shown
  --bpp <x>          Force internal bitdepth (x = 8/15/16/32, 0=disable)

ST/STE specific display options:
  --borders <bool> Show screen borders (for overscan demos etc)
  --spec512 <x>    Spec512 palette threshold (0 <= x <= 512, 0=disable)
  --zoom <x>       Double small resolutions (1=no, 2=yes)
    or -z <x>

Falcon/TT specific display options:
  --desktop        Keep desktop resolution on fullscreen
  --max-width <x>  Maximum window width for zooming
  --max-height <x> Maximum window height for zooming
  --aspect <bool>  Monitor aspect ratio correction

What do you think?

Attached patch would do that + put Laurent's additional WinAUE options
under separate heading + re-order some other things more logically.

	- Eero
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