[hatari-devel] Falcon emulation, NewCpu and documentation on the site

Laurent Sallafranque laurent.sallafranque at free.fr
Wed Feb 23 21:04:47 CET 2011


I don't know if there's really a visible difference between old and new 
CPU performances.
(I haven't noticed this).

I wish we could have all Hatari running on the new core and keeping the 
old one for regression tests or speed (if there's a visible difference).

I don't think that WinUae's team changed so many things in the 68000 
main core (except if we consider precise cycle mode, but we can't 
activate it actually).

So maybe the difference is not that big.

I think there's no interest to use Falcon with old core nowadays.
Timings are really improved with the new one (sound is perfect in many 
case, more demos work).

I agree to keep the info about MP2 player with some demos.
I'll add it one of these days (I won't be at home for a week).



Le 23/02/2011 19:53, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
> Hi,
> On keskiviikko 23 helmikuu 2011, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
>> As now Falcon emulation is based on the new CPU, maybe we
>> should tell it in the Hatari's documentation.
> The old UAE CPU emulation works still fine for many things, but
> what's the performance difference between it and the new CPU?
> I.e. is there some reason why people would want to use old CPU
> for Falcon emulation?
> If we would "support" / test only new CPU for Falcon emulation, the build
> scripts should be changed so that they generate two binaries:
> * one with old CPU and DSP emulation disabled, for ST/STE, and
> * another one for TT/Falcon with the new CPU&  DSP emulation enabled
> as CPU cannot be switched at run-time.
> The window title should also state this[1] although both would still support
> all of the st/ste/tt/falcon --machine types.
> [1] e.g. "Hatari TT/Falcon v1.5".
> Even if new CPU would eventually get as good ST/STE emulation as the old
> one, for ST/STE it might still make sense to keep the old core for
> performance reasons.
>> I've added 1.4+ in the compatibility list.
>> But I don't say that it needs the new CPU to work well.
> It would be nice to have some way still to find which programs require
> the new CPU to work properly.  Maybe:
> - Don't Break The Oath
> - Outline 2006 invite
> - Beams
> Demos comments should still mention that they use NoCrew MP2 player?
> (Then there could be a general comment about NoCrew MP2 player needing
> new CPU core for it to sound OK.)
> 	- Eero
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