[hatari-devel] MacOsx: bad color in falcon mode

Jerome Vernet vernet.jerome at wanadoo.fr
Sat Feb 12 09:11:22 CET 2011


just playing with the latest sources. I have a problem in Falcon Mode 
(old UAE core), while running PaceMaker demo: color are totally wrong. 
Work in ST/STe mode.
Do not know wich revision broke this demo.

Ono more thing about MacOsX build: I have .nib files wich work under 
10.4 and 10.5 also. Hatari is building with my gui-osx sources under 
10.4, 10.5 and 10.6, without problem with cmake, and seems to work 
exacly the same way on the 3 MacOsX versions, under ppc or x86. But 
still need to build one version for each, differences in MacOsX library 

I also have an new UAE core build, wich look like very impressive in 
Falcon mode, running more demos than with the old one, with sound. Nice 
job !


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