[hatari-devel] Problem with NVDI and latest hatari sources

Eero Tamminen oak at helsinkinet.fi
Sun Feb 6 22:05:02 CET 2011


On sunnuntai 06 helmikuu 2011, Uwe Seimet wrote:
>> To keep mouse cursor in sync, you need to enable mouse grabbing.  To
>> have it in sync from the beginning, you need to have mouse grab
>> enabled from the beginning. There's a "--grab" command line option for
>> latter and keyboard shortcut just for former.
> But why is the Hatari windows placed at a different screen location when
> starting Hatari with bUseExtVdiResolutions set to FALSE instead of TRUE?

Hatari doesn't have any control over window placement and I don't think SDL 
which creates the windows for Hatari sets any such things  (like window
gravity) differently for different windows.

Window placement is decided by your window manager, it decides the position
based on where all other windows are, size of the new window, some optional
hints from the application and by possible other its policies.

To check for differences between windows on Linux/X11, you can use
"xwininfo" to check the size and some window attributes and "xprop" to check
what window properties are set for the window manager.

> > When you earlier said that:
> > 	the print preview (as well as the actualprintout) do not correctly
> > 	recognize the paper size (A4) anymore. The output is clipped, so that
> > 	only the upper left corner is visible.
> > 
> > to what size it's clipped?   E.g. size of ST-low or ST-high screen
> > size?
> I think it's even less. I have added a screenshot to this posting. The
> screen region in white is the area the Tarkus software, most likely
> based on VDI information, clips the DIN A4 page size to. With
> bUseExtVdiResolutions set to FALSE the complete page is white, and when
> actually printing the complete sheet of paper is printed to.

So both x & y are wrong, just not h & w.

> With
> bUseExtVdiResolutions set to TRUE only the white area is printed to,
> i.e. the printout is incomplete (clipped), just as the print preview
> indicates.
> Please note that with older versions of Hatari even with
> bUseExtVdiResolutions set to TRUE there was no clipping and the
> printouts were complete.
> > Do similar issues happen with any other software?
> I don't know because I do not use any other software which so
> extensively uses the VDI, i.e. I have not observed similar problems with
> other pieces of software.

OK.  I've gone through the VDI code changes several times and I don't
really see anything that could affect it...

> > I need some way to reproduce the issue, otherwise I cannot debug it.
> > Is this software available somewhere?
> No, I'm afraid it isn't.

...and without being able to debug the problem myself, there's not
really anything I can do. :-/

> > With your config I could reproduce the crash and it happened also with
> > v1.4 release.
> > 
> > I've commited a fix to the crash and to another issue revealed by the
> > fix.
> Thank you, there is no crash anymore.

	- Eero

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