[hatari-devel] Changeset 4b5f4b81ab6f breaks YM sound

Nicolas Pomarède npomarede at corp.free.fr
Mon Jan 24 22:55:37 CET 2011

Le 24/01/2011 05:08, David Savinkoff a écrit :
> Hi,
> Changeset 4b5f4b81ab6f
> "Correct case where a noise per<  3 produced no noise output at all"
> hatari/src/sound.c  on Sept 04 2010 broke YM sound on channels A and B.
> You can hear this when listening to 505's "On Behalf Of The Queen"
> in the Blubber Demo, or on MaxYmizer.
> David


thanks for noticing it, I tested some tunes with sid effects, but not 
Maxymizer ones.

Some recent replays like Maxymizer are setting Per=0 when doing volume 
modulation on one voice (for samples or sid effect) because in that case 
you're modulating a nearly constant '1' signal, which gives better results.

Unfortunately, the new code was producing a constant '0' signal in that 
case (due to a bad bitshift) and there was no output sound.

I just commited the correct fix.


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