[hatari-devel] Mahabharata demo problem ?

Laurent Sallafranque laurent.sallafranque at free.fr
Sat Jan 15 20:39:23 CET 2011

Great Job Eero !

The demo works perfectly in windowed mode (no more crash) and also in 
fullscreen mode.
Thanks for the patch.


Le 15/01/2011 18:06, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
> Hi,
> On torstai 13 tammikuu 2011, David Savinkoff wrote:
>>>     I don't know what happen, but when I launch the Mahabharata demo
>>>     with the latest hatari, all my linux applications close, my linux
>>>     cession close too. I have to sign me to return to my gnome
>>>     environment. (of course, hatari is closed too)
>>>     Do you encounter something similar ?
>>>     It seems to do this only with this demo (maybe something related to
>>>     Eero's patch about strange screen's size) ?
>> On my system this demo temporarily makes an extremely wide
>> window on several occasions (in windowed mode). This wide
>> window is of unbounded size,
> Not unbounded sizes.  During the demo, 5120x200 and 5120x240
> sized resolutions are requested several times.
> I think there could be some corner-case that Hatari Videl code isn't
> emulating.   Maybe the real HW clips large resolutions and like ST/STE
> does something "unexpected" when being requested funny resolution
> changes.
> With my aspect correction code the height is doubled while it remains less
> than half of width, but is still smaller than width and the zoom max height
> setting.
> If one would have unbounded max height setting, it would result in
> resolution of 5120x3200 which at 32-bits is 62.5MB of RAM for that
> surface.  With the default max height of ~600, it should take "only"
> ~11MB of RAM.
> That's still rather large video surface, but my integrated Intel HD graphics
> handles it fine.  I think even my old Matrox G550 (~10 years old) handled it
> fine.
>> possibly causing a buffer overflow on your system. Ok on mine.
> I added to Hatari a rather large patch which among other things limits
> resolution request dimensions to desktop size before aspect correction
> (potentially) zooms it in one of the directions.
> On quick look Videl code should be clipping its conversions if host screen
> size is smaller than requested resolution, so that kind of limiting
> shouldn't crash Hatari.
> Laurent, could you test whether this fixes your X server crash?
> 	- Eero
> PS. The aspect correction max size will now by default be that size too.
> If you have saved Hatari configuration, you can in SDL GUI increase
> the max aspect correction zoom size to your desktop size.
> (Unless you want Hatari window to keep smaller)
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