[hatari-devel] DSP togging

Laurent Sallafranque laurent.sallafranque at free.fr
Wed Jan 12 21:28:04 CET 2011

All these patches are OK for me.

I think stopping the DSP does not need to reboot.
But starting the DSP is more complicated :

- the DSP starts with certain registers equals to specific values, 
memory is cleaned, Peripheral "registers" are also filled with some values.
Then, at bootup, there's a bootstrap code which is loaded into the DSP.
It's used to parameter the DSP for Falcon specificities.
Some "Peripheral registers" state are changed after this.

So, starting the DSP and taking it "in it's current state" is probably 
not a good idea.

I suggest to reboot Hatari if DSP is started from the GUI (no need if 
DSP is stopped).



Le 12/01/2011 21:12, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
> Hi,
> On perjantai 07 tammikuu 2011, Eero Tamminen wrote:
>> That sounded very peculiar so I checked the code.
>> Disabling DSP from the UI doesn't do anything unless you save that
>> setting and restart Hatari, e.g. rebooting it isn't enough.  I.e. your
>> observation isn't valid.
> I fixed this.  Disabling DSP from the UI will also stop its emulation now.
> For me the CPU consumption drops from 50% (DSP idling) to 30% when
> DSP is disabled. (non-idle DSP causes 60-90% CPU usage.)
> Toggling DSP without rebooting the emulation may have strange effects,
> so I wonder should we force reboot on DSP emulation change?
> 	- Eero
> PS. Laurent, I commited also couple other trivial cleanup for DSP code.
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