[hatari-devel] Pasti support and other things

Markus Fritze my at sarnau.com
Fri Sep 24 06:16:40 CEST 2010

Hi Eero,

> Is the code under GPL compatible open source license?

I will check. It is used in many different open-source emulators.

> Can you post an example of what they output looks like?

Here a piece that probably everybody knows :-) With the exception of the [address] this should be standard Motorola mnemonics.


00e00000: 602e                           BRA.S    *+$30 [$E00030] 
00e00002: 0206 00e0                      ANDI.B   #$E0,D6 
00e00006: 0030 00e0 0000                 ORI.B    #$E0,(0,A0,D0.W) 
00e0000c: 0000 68cc                      ORI.B    #$CC,D0 
00e00010: 00e0                           UNRECOGNIZED 
00e00012: 0030 00e3 25a2                 ORI.B    #$E3,(-$5E,A0,D2.W) 
00e00018: 1114                           MOVE.B   (A4),-(A0) 
00e0001a: 1991 0003                      MOVE.B   (A1),(3,A4,D0.W) 
00e0001e: 176e 0000 3df6                 MOVE.B   (0,A6),($3DF6,A3) 
00e00024: 0000 10c9                      ORI.B    #$C9,D0 
00e00028: 0000 5cd4                      ORI.B    #$D4,D0 
00e0002c: 0000 0000                      ORI.B    #0,D0 
00e00030: 46fc 2700                      MOVE     #$2700,SR 
00e00034: 4e70                           RESET 
00e00036: 0cb9 fa52 235f 00fa 0000       CMPI.L   #$FA52235F,$FA0000 
00e00040: 660a                           BNE.S    *+$C [$E0004C] 
00e00042: 4dfa 0008                      LEA      (8,PC) [$E0004C],A6 
00e00046: 4ef9 00fa 0004                 JMP      $FA0004 
00e0004c: 4dfa 0006                      LEA      (6,PC) [$E00054],A6 
00e00050: 6000 0b60                      BRA      *+$B62 [$E00BB2] 
00e00054: 6628                           BNE.S    *+$2A [$E0007E] 
00e00056: 11f8 0424 8001                 MOVE.B   $424.w,$FFFF8001.w 
00e0005c: 0cb8 3141 5926 0426            CMPI.L   #$31415926,$426.w 
00e00064: 6618                           BNE.S    *+$1A [$E0007E] 
00e00066: 2038 042a                      MOVE.L   $42A.w,D0 
00e0006a: 4a38 042a                      TST.B    $42A.w 
00e0006e: 660e                           BNE.S    *+$10 [$E0007E] 
00e00070: 0800 0000                      BTST     #0,D0 
00e00074: 6608                           BNE.S    *+$A [$E0007E] 
00e00076: 2040                           MOVEA.L  D0,A0 
00e00078: 4dfa ffe2                      LEA      (-$1E,PC) [$E0005C],A6 
00e0007c: 4ed0                           JMP      (A0) 
00e0007e: 41f8 8800                      LEA      $FFFF8800.w,A0 
00e00082: 10bc 0007                      MOVE.B   #7,(A0) 
00e00086: 117c 00c0 0002                 MOVE.B   #$C0,(2,A0) 
00e0008c: 10bc 000e                      MOVE.B   #$E,(A0) 
00e00090: 117c 0007 0002                 MOVE.B   #7,(2,A0) 
00e00096: 0839 0000 00e0 001d            BTST     #0,$E0001D 
00e0009e: 670e                           BEQ.S    *+$10 [$E000AE] 
00e000a0: 4dfa 0006                      LEA      (6,PC) [$E000A8],A6 
00e000a4: 6000 132c                      BRA      *+$132E [$E013D2] 
00e000a8: 11fc 0002 820a                 MOVE.B   #2,$FFFF820A.w 
00e000ae: 43f8 8240                      LEA      $FFFF8240.w,A1 
00e000b2: 303c 000f                      MOVE.W   #$F,D0 
00e000b6: 41fa 0b18                      LEA      ($B18,PC) [$E00BD0],A0 
00e000ba: 32d8                           MOVE.W   (A0)+,(A1)+ 
00e000bc: 51c8 fffc                      DBF      D0,*-$2 [$E000BA] 
00e000c0: 11fc 0001 8201                 MOVE.B   #1,$FFFF8201.w 
00e000c6: 4238 8203                      CLR.B    $FFFF8203.w 
00e000ca: 1c38 0424                      MOVE.B   $424.w,D6 
00e000ce: 11c6 8001                      MOVE.B   D6,$FFFF8001.w 
00e000d2: 2a38 042e                      MOVE.L   $42E.w,D5 
00e000d6: 4dfa 0006                      LEA      (6,PC) [$E000DE],A6 
00e000da: 6000 0ad6                      BRA      *+$AD8 [$E00BB2] 
00e000de: 6700 0122                      BEQ      *+$124 [$E00202] 
00e000e2: 4246                           CLR.W    D6 
00e000e4: 11fc 000a 8001                 MOVE.B   #$A,$FFFF8001.w 
00e000ea: 307c 0008                      MOVEA.W  #8,A0 
00e000ee: 43f9 0020 0008                 LEA      $200008,A1 
00e000f4: 4240                           CLR.W    D0 
00e000f6: 30c0                           MOVE.W   D0,(A0)+ 
00e000f8: 32c0                           MOVE.W   D0,(A1)+ 
00e000fa: d07c fa54                      ADD.W    #$FA54,D0 
00e000fe: b0fc 0200                      CMPA.W   #$200,A0 
00e00102: 66f2                           BNE.S    *-$C [$E000F6] 
00e00104: 11fc 005a 820d                 MOVE.B   #$5A,$FFFF820D.w 
00e0010a: 4a38 8203                      TST.B    $FFFF8203.w 
00e0010e: 1038 820d                      MOVE.B   $FFFF820D.w,D0 
00e00112: b03c 005a                      CMP.B    #$5A,D0 
00e00116: 6616                           BNE.S    *+$18 [$E0012E] 
00e00118: 4238 820d                      CLR.B    $FFFF820D.w 
00e0011c: 4a78 8240                      TST.W    $FFFF8240.w 

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