[hatari-devel] New FileSelector

Laurent Sallafranque laurent.sallafranque at free.fr
Wed Sep 15 22:40:10 CEST 2010

 > I noticed that "folder" and folder's name are on 2 different lines, 
while "file" and file's
 > name are on the same line (at the top of the window).

 > Maybe you could put folder's name on the same line to gain one extra 
line ?

Yes, that's possible. But this would reduce name of the path by 7 chars 
(the way I did it reduced only by 2 chars (only 1 if I removed the right 
upper icon which was not useful))

Path name may become long, but in general, filenames are shorter and can 
fit on the same line.

But as we have a path name "troncator", I can do it if everybody's OK.

Another solution would be to add one more line (remove the space between 
file name and the beginning of the file selector), but everything would 
be "compressed".

A last solution would be to use the upper bar I proposed before (it 
loose only one char in the path name), but adapt it to the wish of 
everybody here.



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