[hatari-devel] New FileSelector

Eero Tamminen eerot at users.berlios.de
Mon Sep 13 22:58:58 CEST 2010


I finally had time to test this.

On Friday 10 September 2010, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
> I was too upset with hatari fileSelector.
> So, I've reworked it a little.
> I've added
> - 1 pixel precision scrollBar,

Having an indicator about location & how many lines is visible is nice and
very good improvement!

> - Gem look and feel
> - 17 lines displayed instead of 16 before

But I think it's confusing to have file name above folder name.  GEM doesn't
have that and neither has any of the other OSes I can think of.

Having slightly GEMish look for one little part of the file selector doesn't
match very well with rest of the file selector either.  The look of the
corner boxes doesn't even match GEM (see attached screenshot)...

It looks even worse with no zooming (when you start Hatari with "-z 1").

-> I suggest keeping the folder name above the file name like GEM has it.

> - upper left button for ".." folder
> Still to do :
> - allow to scroll the scrollbar with the mouse (for now, it just
> displays the current view of browsed files)

One can already do that with scrollwheel which is OK if the list of files
isn't huge.  But being able to grab the bar and drag would indeed be nice.

As to up & down key repeat, I'd just ignore that.  To use the file selector
one already needs to use mouse.  Having draggable bar in scrollbar would
be much more useful.

(for longer scrolls, page up & down functionality compensates slightly for
up & down keys not repeating.)

> Question :
> - Do you like it ?
> - Can I remove the old ".." button, as now, you can  move to upper
> folder with the upper left corner button ?

It's still useful and you anyway need the other buttons.

Maybe it's better at the left upper corner instead of the right one?

	- Eero
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