[hatari-devel] New FileSelector

npomarede at corp.free.fr npomarede at corp.free.fr
Fri Sep 10 20:07:51 CEST 2010

On Fri, 10 Sep 2010, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:

> Hello,
> I was too upset with hatari fileSelector.
> So, I've reworked it a little.
> I've added
> - 1 pixel precision scrollBar,
> - Gem look and feel
> - 17 lines displayed instead of 16 before
> - upper left button for ".." folder
> Still to do :
> - allow to scroll the scrollbar with the mouse (for now, it just displays the 
> current view of browsed files)
> Question :
> - Do you like it ?
> - Can I remove the old ".." button, as now, you can  move to upper folder 
> with the upper left corner button ?


I would not remove it, I don't think all users are aware that gem 
way of going one level up was by clicking the upper left corner (and quite 
frankly, I don't think the way gem worked was the more intuitive way).

> - some suggestions ?

pressing the up/down arrow in the scrollbar is doing a fast scrolling, 
which is nice, but holding up/down keyboard key doesn't have autorepeat. 
Could you add it ?

More generally, changing the UI can be nice to propose some new ways to 
work, but I think it would be best in that case to provide some code than 
can be turned on/off using a "define".
Once we agree on a new UI, we can remove the #ifdef and the old code, but 
in the meantime, I think it's best to be able to choose old or new ui at 
compile time to test it and go back to old ui in case some regressions are 


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