[hatari-devel] Some problems in the latest build

Jerome Vernet vernet.jerome at wanadoo.fr
Thu Sep 9 22:14:57 CEST 2010


I have 2 problems with the latest repository:
- GEMDOS emulation seem to be broken. Emulated Falcon won't boot 
anymore. I only have this in the logs:
  Hatari devel (Sep  9 2010), compiled on:  Sep  9 2010, 22:07:40
  Support for Hatari window reparenting not built in
  Building CPU table for configuration: 68EC040 (compatible mode)
  GEMDOS HDD emulation, C: <-> 
/Users/jeromevernet/Desktop/Emulateurs/Atari ST/hdd3.
- when flipping from windowed to full screen, screen goes yellow. 
Reset=>Ok, back to windowed mode=>yellow background.

Don't when this was broken, as it's my first build for a long time.


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