[hatari-devel] Bugs and GUI (Was: Little AceTracker question)

Anders Eriksson ae at dhs.nu
Sat Jul 17 20:12:44 CEST 2010

On Mon, 12 Jul 2010, Eero Tamminen wrote:

>> Hatari crashes when recording starts while using --avi-vcodec bmp
>> What happens is that the Hatari window dissapears and there's a ~400 byte
>> avi file created. I need to control-c or forcequit Hatari after that.
> Were you able to get any backtraces of that with e.g. Valgrind or native OSX
> tools?


I'm not the right guy for this; I don't know what Valgrind is or even less 
how to use it or what a native OS X tool would be. Somebody else with 
better understanding of these things have to do the debugging.

>> I never said it was no work, only that I disagreed to hiding options
>> from the GUI. People (your normal users, not the few devs) do not launch
>> stuff from the terminal, simple as that.
> At least you/somebody would need to come up with a design of what the UI
> should look like with all of these options you're interested about.

The OS X GUI is very fine as it is, some more hotkeys would be nice and 
there is no screen-estate problem to add more and more features to it.

Just because the SDL GUI can't do X and Y, why should that also cripple a 
decent GUI as the one on OS X?

Anyway just for the heck of it I threw together a 64x25 ASCII page with a 
way it could handle any number of setting screens and avoid the "go back 
to main" annoyance.


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