[hatari-devel] Little AceTracker question

Eero Tamminen eerot at users.berlios.de
Mon Jul 12 21:29:57 CEST 2010


On Saturday 19 June 2010, Anders Eriksson wrote:
> On Sat, 12 Jun 2010, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> >>> There is.  Just use "--avi-vcodec bmp".
> >>>
> >>> It's good to check "hatari --help" now and then (or Hatari manual
> >>> page), it contains stuff that's not available from the UI. :-)
> >>
> >> Thanks for the information.
> >
> > Did that help (significantly)?
> >
> > If yes, I could add a note about it to manual's performance section...
> Hatari crashes when recording starts while using --avi-vcodec bmp
> What happens is that the Hatari window dissapears and there's a ~400 byte
> avi file created. I need to control-c or forcequit Hatari after that.

Were you able to get any backtraces of that with e.g. Valgrind or native OSX

> > Btw. Is there anything else besides "--drive-led off" that you think
> > should be mentioned as having more effect on OSX than on other
> > platforms?

I added OSX comments to the manual performance section and restructured
it a bit.

> No idea, I'm only using it on OS X. But for sure that tiny
> green square is really hurtful.

My assumption is that it's due to reading from graphics memory where
SDL/OSX had mapped the Hatari window.  Because of how the ST graphics
modes are implemented (only updated parts of screen are converted),
the code needs to read the area of the screen left below the square on
*each* frame.  Falcon gfx code updates always whole screen so it shouldn't
have this issue, at least as badly.

> I never said it was no work, only that I disagreed to hiding options
> from the GUI. People (your normal users, not the few devs) do not launch
> stuff from the terminal, simple as that.

At least you/somebody would need to come up with a design of what the UI
should look like with all of these options you're interested about.

These layout suggestions can be done as ASCII because Hatari SDL UI widget
positioning is character based.  No Hatari coding (knowledge) is needed for
that, you just need to remember to keep the dialog sizes small enough
(< 64x25) that they actually fit to the Hatari window.

After there's some consensus on how to fit all the options to the UI / what
the UI should look like with these extra options, it makes sense to start
implementing them.

	- Eero

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