[hatari-devel] Conditional breakpoint code, please comment!

Eero Tamminen eerot at users.berlios.de
Tue Jun 16 21:31:47 CEST 2009


On Tuesday 16 June 2009, npomarede at corp.free.fr wrote:
> > Breakpoint code checks now also that one doesn't try to make a
> > breakpoint that reads words/longs from odd address.
> Thanks for your work ; I still need to give it a try, but just regarding
> the possibility to read words/longs at odd addresses, I think it should
> be kept as a 'bonus'.
> The functions used to read memory from hatari already support odd address
> access, so even if atari coders certainly expect to use even addresses
> for word/long memory comparisons most of the time, I think it could be
> useful in some cases.

Ok, I downgraded that and another check to warnings (and tightened
couple of other checks, see latest breakcond.c change).

> (for example, some demos could store packed data at 
> odd address, and then you could do something like (a0) = 'ICE!' to add a
> breakpoint (hint : we could also have the possibility to use 4 ascii
> chars as a 32 bits value :-) ))

What kind of a syntax/prefix you'd thought for ASCII and binary values?

Should they be allowed also for specifying addresses, or is it enough
that addresses can be specified only as decimal or hexadecimal?

Btw. Decimal is currently the default number format in conditional
breakpoints, hexadecimal values need to have the '$' prefix as you
requested earlier.

	- Eero

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