[hatari-devel] Conditional breakpoint code, please comment!

Thomas H. th.huth at gmx.de
Mon Jun 15 19:34:27 CEST 2009

> Datum: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 20:27:27 +0300
> Von: Eero Tamminen <eerot at users.berlios.de>
> On Sunday 14 June 2009, Thomas H. wrote:
> > > Thomas, Laurent & Nicholas, could you comment on this stuff?
> >
> > Uuh, that's quite a lot of code, reviewing it completely will certainly
> > take some time...
> I think the attached patches should be pretty straightforward.

Right, the 3 patches are quite small and look fine to me.

> Breakcond.c, especially the parser code is tricky though, but I can look
> after that.


> There might be also other complicated things in Hatari which could profit
> from regression tests, although writing automation code for them (e.g.
> DSP)
> could be quite complicated...  Do you think Hatari could in future have
> automated test code for other stuff?
> (Just breakcond.c test code alone in tests/-dir could be silly.  :-))

I currently don't think there is any other part of the code that would need automated test code... so I'd say to either keep the #ifdef'd main function in breakcond.c or keep it save on your hard disk.


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