[hatari-devel] Alive demo behaves differently than before

Laurent Sallafranque laurent.sallafranque at free.fr
Sun Jun 14 23:21:44 CEST 2009


I'm still searching the biggest bug I've had to correct (more than 1 
month of searches for now).

With the latest release of hatari, I've noticed that some demos like 
"Motion screens" and especially Alive demo (by FUN) behave differently 
than before.

If I take the Alive Demo, it was starting with a black screen, then I 
could see some effects.
(I could also see the water effect by starting bad Mood before alive demo).

Now, it starts with a crappy screen and freezes after music starts.

I've had a look at the DSP code.
During the loading of the "Alive demo", DSP is just loading the DSP code 
of the demo at address 7ea9 and more. It does nothing else. (no sound, 
no transfers to 68030).

So, I think that the picture with "Fun Industries" and a rotating wheel 
should display.
(For me, it's just 68030 code, no DSP code).

(You can see the very first screen of the demo here : 

Do you think it could come from a Videl problem (a resolution that we 
don't emulate correctly for example) ?

For Motion screens, many of them starts with crappy screen too. (it 
seems to be the same problem).



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