[hatari-devel] GEMDOS HD emulation bug?

Eero Tamminen eerot at users.berlios.de
Sat Jun 6 23:50:24 CEST 2009


On Sunday 07 June 2009, Matthias Arndt wrote:
> If I try to run LP's GFABASIC shell
> (http://userpages.bright.net/~gfabasic/files/gfashell.zip)
> from the emulated harddrive, it does not work and stops with an error.
> If I run the same program from a floppy image instead, all is fine.
> Can anyone confirm that this problem is related to the GEMDOS harddrive
> emulation as it seems to try to load some configuration files?

I guess it runs on a real Atari from Harddisk?   And works with Hatari when
using the harddrive image emulation?

Are you using a Hatari release or the latest version from the BerliOS
Mercurial repository?

	- Eero

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