[hatari-devel] MegaSTe emulation ?

Thomas Huth th.huth at gmx.de
Wed Dec 31 10:02:14 CET 2008

On Tue, 30 Dec 2008 10:38:12 +0100
Jean-Baptiste Berlioz <jb.berlioz at freemind-tobe.com> wrote:

> >> Can you list some examples where this emulation would really be
> >> necessary?
> >>
> > Absolutely necessary, I don't know. I found some game patched to
> > run from Hard Disk (kaplausius's pages, for example), where the
> > patch can detect MegaSte and ask whether to play at 8Mhz or 16Mhz.
> Emulating the MegaSTE is a very complex task in my opinion, because
> only the processor can run at 16 mhz, the bus stay at 8 mhz and the
> cache does all the optimizations to feed the processor.

Perfect Mega-STE emulation (with cache) is certainly very hard to do.
But a "simple" emulation that just satisfies these games so that they
think they run on a Mega STE should be quite easy, I guess.

I was considering to change the machine model already in the past (e.g.
to remove the "Blitter" option and to introduce a "Mega-ST" type
instead... then it would only be a logical step to have a Mega-STE
machine type, too). Maybe the time is ripe now to do these changes...


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