[hatari-devel] MegaSTe emulation ?

Jerome Vernet vernet.jerome at wanadoo.fr
Tue Dec 30 00:06:43 CET 2008

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Huth a écrit :
> Can you list some examples where this emulation would really be
> necessary?
Absolutely necessary, I don't know. I found some game patched to run 
from Hard Disk (kaplausius's pages, for example), where the patch can 
detect MegaSte and ask whether to play at 8Mhz or 16Mhz.

MiNT seem also detect MegaSTe -for example, setting TT emulation in 
Hatari seems to put MiNT in MegaSTe mode -that's what MiNT say at boot 
Is there any specific MegaSTe demos ?

By the way, it's not the next thing to do first, I realize.

Another thing for those who use MacOsX: MacMercurial is a GUI for 
Mercurial and the new repository. Looks good, as I lost XCode CVS SCM 



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