[hatari-devel] Improving color alignment with pixels

Jean-Baptiste Berlioz jb.berlioz at freemind-tobe.com
Mon Dec 29 13:43:15 CET 2008


>> Tobé, you can now adjust blitter specific timings in cycles.c and 
>> spec512.c

I did the modifications in spec512.c and cycles.c, but i need to test it 
more before submitting. It seems pretty good now, the bus arbitration 
timings makes sense.

 >> I might put the special case of spec512.c in cycles.c too,
 >> so only cycles.c will be relevant.

Good idea, i did my modifications in cycles.c and call it from spec512.c

I think i'll have to take in account the extra wait cycles when the 
blitter is accessing some specific hardware registers.

Once finished, i can switch to another task, for example i can fix the 
YM/DMA mixing and implement the LMC/Microwire stuffs.

Maybe next year :)

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